Five views in Michigan that will make you wish for summer

As spring unfolds into summer we anxiously await those memory making, lazy days of summer. Along the Tahquamenon Scenic Byway, a 63-mile journey through Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula, the untamed land and natural scenic attractions make the region a perfect summer get away for people that like to explore and enjoy the scenery that only comes once a year.

Here are 5 views that will make you want to pack your bags and take a drive on M123, along Lake Superior’s shoreline, one of the most scenic drives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Welcome to a place where wildlife outnumber people and time is measured in tree rings. Welcome to the Tahquamenon Scenic Byway.

The view you can only get from the top of a Lighthouse

Discover three very special Lake Superior lighthouses – Crips Point, Point Iroquios, and Whitefish Point. There is nothing quite like the exhilaration you will experience when you climb to the top of each of their towers and take in the vast majesty and power of Lake Superior.  Enjoy spectaular views of Superior, catch passing frieghters as they transport their goods on this often traveled shipping channel.

The view of Upper Tahquamenon Falls that will leave you in awe

Have you ever experienced the cooling sensation of mist bouncing off  a majestic waterfall on a warm, summer day?  It’s an awe-inspiring moment, but don’t take our word for it.

The third mightiest waterfall east of the Mississippi, the Upper Falls captivates all of its onlookers with spectacular waterfall views. Cascading from the Tahquamenon Rivermouth Unit 20 miles upstream, the Upper Tahquamenon Falls boast a roughly 50 foot drop and span 200 feet across. Enjoyable in any season, the waterfalls dark, tannin-colored water contrasts beautifully against summers  many shades of green.

The close up view of the Lower Tahquamenon Falls

The lower portion of Tahquamenon Falls is comprised of a beautiful, smaller, set of cascading waterfalls. Inviting viewers to venture to the island to get a close up look view of the falls.  You can reach the island by renting a row boat when visiting Lower Tahquamenon waterfalls. Located 20 miles from the Tahquamenon Rivermouth Unit and an easy drive to the Tahquamenon Logging Museum, the lower falls are a must see.

The view as you hike through the old growth forests

Imagine the wild flowers waiting to be enjoyed as your traverse through some of Michigan’s most pristine woods.

The Byway offers access to many hiking trails in the heart of Tahquamenon Country. Choose from short easy loops, scenic out and backs, or some of the more challenging h favorite hikes,  like the hike between the Upper and Lower Tahquamenon falls. The staff at Tahquamenon Falls State Park can provide you with hiking tips and additional details. Ask about the shuttle service, for the hike between the falls,  offered by a local outfitter.

The view of the sun setting over Lake Superior

Make sure at least one of the roads you travel this summer brings you to the shores of Lake Superior. It’s a way to get out and explore and connect with nature during the long, lazy summer days. Swim, stroll, hunt for rocks, or just sit back and enjoy a sunset.

A trip through Tahquamenon Country brings travelers peace of mind. If you are looking for something that refreshes your soul give Lake Superior a try day or night.