Diving Whitefish Point

Whitefish Point

The waters surrounding Whitefish Point are dotted with numerous historic shipwreck sites, many of them moored for preservation and open to recreational diving.

Peak diving times are in July and August. Launches are available at Whitefish Point, Little Lake Harbor, Tahquamenon Bay, Brimley State Park, and Bay Mills.

Diving tanks may be filled at Curley’s Paradise Motel!

*Remember, removing artifacts from these shipwreck sites is illegal. Sites must remain undisturbed by divers. Always exercise extreme caution and watch for other boaters. The depths of dive sites may vary considerably. Please make certain that your equipment and diving abilities are appropriate for any dives you are considering. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own diving gear. Equipment rentals are not available in the Paradise area.

Additional information on diving in the area can be found at http://www.whitefishpoint.net/About/about.html.