Discover the Lighthouses of Lake Superior

2 Day Trip Itinerary

Two days is barely enough time to begin to explore everything M123 has to offer, but this maritime based trip itinerary helps you discover three of Lake Superior’s very special lighthouses. Learn firsthand how it feels to climb to the top of each of their towers and take in the vast majesty and power of Lake Superior.

Crisp Point Lighthouse

Crisp Point Lighthouse

Day 1: Crisp Point Lighthouse and Whitefish Point Light Station

Take the road less traveled and discover an unforgettable part of Michigan’s Maritime history, Crisp Point Lighthouse. As one of Michigan’s most secluded Lighthouses GPS won’t get you there. You will want to follow the signs along the heavily forested road to bring you to the stunning shores of Lake Superior.

Spend an hour or two combing the beaches and contemplating the silence of one of the region’s most remote mainland lighthouse. Climb sixty two steps and find yourself at the top of the Lighthouse, offering a rare view of Lake Superior’s expansive offerings.

Journey about 1.5 hours from Paradise via M-123, County Road 500 and County Road 412 to visit the remote Crisp Point Lighthouse. Most of this drive will be on unpaved roads with no services, but it’s worth the trip.

Whitefish Point Light Station

Whitefish Point Light Station

Whitefish Point Light Station

You’ll find Whitefish Point at the end of Whitefish Point Road just off of M123 near Paradise. Both man and nature have traditionally looked to Whitefish Point for guidance.  Ships seek its beacon of safety amidst Superior’s fury. Whitefish Point has the oldest operating lighthouse on Lake Superior. Climb to the top for a bird’s eye view of pasting freighters.

When the road brings you to Whitefish Point and you’ll immediately be captivated by the diverse offerings of the historic Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. Artifacts, photographs, ancient buildings and vessels, interpretive panels, and haunting tales come together to tell the rich story of “Michigan’s Shipwreck Coast.”

Step into the museum’s theater, where the story of the famous Edmund Fitzgerald is retold in extraordinary detail.  . Stories unfold by the minute here at Whitefish Point.

Point Iroquois Light Station

Point Iroquois Light Station

Day 2: Point Iroquois Lighthouse

Cruise down this beautiful scenic stretch of highway, and enjoy the miles of forests, hills, and winding lakeshore. Starting South of Paradise and continuing South of Sault St. Marie, the 33 mile Curley Lewis Memorial Highway is the perfect scenic route for anyone wanting to experience one of Michigan’s most beautiful Great Lakes scenic drives.

The Curley Lewis will bring you to the low stone wall that surrounds the ground of Point Iroquois Lighthouse. Situated at the eastern end of Lake Superior at the transition between Whitefish Bay and the St. Mary’s River the Lighthouse is the perfect place for freighter viewing.

The museum artifacts, photos, and display tell the stories of the lightkeepers and their families. Learn about the fourth order Fresnel lens that could project a light for sixteen miles. Climb the 72 stairs to the top of the tower for the best view.

Use this guide to discover M123 maritime marvels.