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If you’re planning a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, don’t forget to download the Explore M123 app. This mobile guide of the Byway reveals the secrets, stories, and unexpected places of the region. With the app, you can dive into the tale of the Edmund Fitzgerald, marvel at the power of Tahquamenon Falls, and learn how the Anishinaabe love of the land shaped the region.

The interactive app reveals fascinating audio stories based on where you are. Experience the life of a lumberjack at the Tahquamenon Logging Museum, learn about the native American village that once stood on the river banks of the mighty Tahquamenon river, or get a sense of the once active shipping ports that dotted the shores of Lake Superior.

Experience all this and more as M123 takes you through the mighty forests of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and along the stunning Lake Superior shoreline. The app features two additional guides as well. One of the Great Waters, a five county region that boosts some of Michigan’s greatest natural and cultural attractions and surrounds the Byway and an engaging video tour of the region.

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