3 Ways to Enjoy Winter in One of Michigan’s Best State Parks

It’s that time of year. Put away your favorite summer hiking boots and strap on your snowshoe or cross country skis and experience one of Michigan’s best State Parks.

The River Trail

The Famous Michigan snowshoeing trail between the Upper and Lower Tahquamenon Falls. Considered to be the most scenic trail in the park, this 4.8 mile groomed trail reveals amazing sites as you travel along the Tahquamenon River. The view of the Upper and Lower Tahquamenon Falls in all their frozen glory are the main highlight of this snowshoe trek.

Giant Pines Loop

This 3.8 mile groomed, loop leads travelers through a beautiful forest of ancient hemlocks. Two giant, towering white pine trees left over from the late 1800′s logging era are the highlight of the trail. Great place for a photo op!

Wilderness Loop

Back country more your style? Try this 7.4 mile ungroomed loop. It is sure to bring a sense of adventure to your trip. The Wilderness Loop runs through the most remote areas of the park as it winds through ancient hemlock forests. The trail features a notable beaver pond and dam on the loop’s eastern portion.