3 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Road Trip on Michigan’s M-123

M-123, known as the Tahquamenon Scenic Byway, is designated as one of three national scenic byways in Michigan. The Tahquamenon Scenic Byway is recognized for outstanding natural beauty and is one of the most scenic drives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula no matter the season, where wildlife outnumbers people and time is measured in tree rings.

Here are three reasons to take a road trip to the Tahquamenon Scenic Byway.

Learn what it was like to be a lumberjack

Did you know that the lumber from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula helped build cities including Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit?

The Tahquamenon Scenic Byway is rich in both logging and maritime history, and the two were very closely connected.  Go back in time at the Tahquamenon Logging Museum to learn about the history of logging.   Immerse yourself in the eerie history of nearly 6,000 Michigan shipwrecks at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum and then climb to the top of the lighthouse for a view of Lake Superior that can’t be beat.

The awe-inspiring experience of visiting Tahquamenon Falls

Located in an aged, pristine forest, Tahquamenon Falls is a gem of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Tahquamenon Falls State Park is among one of the most visited Michigan State Parks, and has some of the best waterfall views.

The third mightiest waterfall east of the Mississippi, the Upper Falls captivates all of its onlookers with spectacular views and boasts a 50 foot drop.  The Lower Falls has smaller sets of cascading falls and are great for fishing.

Tahquamenon Falls is a year-round destination, but there is something to be said about visiting in the winter months…

You can really unplug and connect with nature

It has been said that people who unplug and truly enjoy vacations come back more productive and well-rested.  Well, we think there is no better way to do that than connecting to the power and beauty of nature.

Because the Tahquamenon Scenic Byway region is rich in natural beauty, you can find ways to enjoy nature during any season.  Whether it’s hunting for rocks on the Lake Superior shoreline, leaf peeping through the forests and trails, or blazing trails during the winter months on snowshoe, dog sled or snowmobile, the wild bounty of the Tahquamenon region can satisfy your appetite for adventure for days or weeks.

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